Holocaust Awareness Week 

"An Evening with a Survivor"

Rabbi Nissen Mangel 

Monday, February 23, 7pm @ CSU Theatre

 Rabbi Mangel Image 2.jpg 

A giant amongst giants, Rabbi Nissen Mangel is the youngest child inmate of the notorious Nazi Auschwitz and four other concentration camps. Rabbi Mangel survived against all odds to become a world renowned scholar, author, speaker and philosopher. 
Only 10 years old when he came to Auschwitz Rabbi Mangel cheated death countless times. Beyond the daily miracle of staying alive Rabbi Mangel evaded the notorious “selection” and survived three extraordinary encounters with the infamous Dr Mengele an unheard of reality for the man known as the Angel of Death, five concentration camps and the death march. 
Immigrating to America he went on to live a life of communal devotion and extraordinary scholarly achievement and contribution to the Jewish community. A Jewish leader with global communal impact; amongst his most notable works are the translations of the popular Tehillat Hashem prayer book and the Tanya, the foremost book of Jewish mysticism. An internationally acclaimed speaker, Rabbi Mangel has travelled across the globe sharing his story and message.
Rabbi Mangel witnessed unspeakable atrocities as well as amazing acts of faith. In this not to be missed moving and powerful talk, Rabbi Mangel will share his extraordinary story of survival, faith and triumph.