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Yuri was born in Russia. As a result of anti-Semitic bullying and beatings he took up boxing at a young age.  After the fall of the Soviet Union and at the age of nine he immigrated to Israel where he fought competitively winning three national championships.

In 1999 he moved to New York to pursue professional boxing launching a remarkable career that eventually lead him to become a world champion winning the World Boxing Association Super Welterweight title. He would go on to defend his belt at Yankee Stadium the following year as hundreds of thousands watched at ringside and on HBO.

During this time his passion for Judaism was kindled and his studies culminated in a rabbinical degree. So for the first time in the history of professional boxing an ordained orthodox Rabbi is a world boxing champion.

Yuri has appeared on national TV, including The Jimmy Kimmel Show, NBC News, and ESPN, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic and on CNN.

Today whilst continuing to compete around the world Yuri is a much sought-after inspirational speaker.  Lecturing across the globe he delights and inspires audiences with his extraordinary story of strength, resilience and commitment. His story weaves the almost impossible balance of spiritual growth and athletic domination. In an industry known for violence the soft spoken champion teaches valuable life lessons of body, soul and spirit. In his own words "Boxing is sometimes spiritual in its own way," Foreman says. "You have the physical and mental challenges in boxing, just like you have lots of challenges in exploring the different levels of Judaism. They are different but the same."