What is Shabbat 200/300/500/1000?

Pioneered by the Chabad House Jewish Student Center at SUNY Binghamton in 1994, Shabbat 1000 is perhaps the single most ambitious Shabbat program to be launched by any Jewish student organization—or synagogue—anywhere. The goal is to unite a diverse mass of Jewish students in a meaningful Jewish experience by providing the now famous Chabad Shabbat dinner experience to a broader audience.

In an effort to unify campus communities through this program, the Chabad center typically invites other Jewish organizations on campus to co-sponsor this effort. Most crucial however, is the way in which this program empowers the students to reach out and bring their friends—as their personal guests—to this program. Shabbat 200 has proven to be a potent catalyst for invigorating Jewish life on campus; it has served as a portal to the Jewish campus community for thousands of students who were previously uninvolved in a discussion that stretches across three millennia.

Chabad at CSU is proud to be a part of this wonderful tradition for the 14th year!

What will be included in the Shabbat 200 program?

The program will provide a mouth-watering four-course meal, spirited, enchanting melodies, and quality entertainment. Attendees will experience the Shabbat dinner at its finest, from the traditional Shabbat foods such as gefilte fish, Matzah Ball soup, kugel & challah to a variety of salads, side dishes, chicken & dessert.