DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Contact Rabbi with any questions.
Two part application:  The application works in two parts (below is a full breakdown). The first part is the 8 step Birthright application. Within a few days applicants will receive an email from Mayanot providing them with log-in details to fill out the second part of the application.  in order to be considered for my trip (i.e for one of my spots), you must request my school (CSU or UNC) and my departure date time period - late July. 
1. Taglit-Birthright Israel Application 
     A. Section 1-4: Personal Information 
            Passport details 
            Contact details 
            Jewish background/Israel experience 
     B. Section 5: Choose MAYANOT as your Trip Organizer 
           Two short essays (3-4 sentences) & Jewish education 
     C. Section 6: Sign Electronic Waiver form 
     D. Section 7: $250 Refundable Deposit Payment 
     E. Section 8: Confirm email address 
Within 4 days, applicants will be emailed their Username & Password for the second part of the application in the Mayanot system (This part of the application is crucial, but not as time sensitive as the initial Birthright application) 
2. MAYANOT Secondary Application 
     A. Date Request Form 
          Choose Trip type - put down Colorado State University or U of Northern      Colorado 
          Preferred Trip Dates - put down late December (contact Rabbi if this does not    work for you)
          Select the 18-22 year old trip . (contact Rabbi If this does not work for you)
            Group Leader name - Put down Rabbi Gorelik 
            Recruiter Code - Put down Rabbi Gorelik 
            Names of friends/relatives applicant wants to travel with 
     B. Medical Form 
           Emergency Contacts 
           Basic Medical Background 
      C. Copy of Passport 
      D. Application photos of applicant 
3. Pre-Trip Phone Interview 
      Applicant will be emailed if and when it is time to schedule interview. 
4. Trip Confirmation 
     Applicant will be emailed when and if they have secured a spot!