On a recent visit to the Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C., a local Rabbi had a thought; look at all these beautiful artifacts and parts of history that are made of gold, silver, and precious stone, all on display behind a beautiful glass display case. "What a shame?" Such precious pieces, such priceless gifts and all that is gained is a moment of grandeur from a passing visitor in a museum.

We, the Jewish people, were given an extremely precious and priceless gift. This gift came from Hashem - G‑d Al-Mighty himself. He presented us with the Torah, the greatest gift of all time, on Mt. Sinai some 3,315 years ago. The Torah is not an ancient artical on display. It is not one that a passerby should look at and say, "You see my child, that's the Torah... G‑d gift to humanity... but don't touch it... don't get near it... just look at it from a distance."  No, G‑d wants us to use this gift, to enjoy it, to study it and to gain from it. This gift is to be a "light unto the world" and each and every one of us should be the lamplighter.

We invite you to join us at The Chabad Jewish Center, here in Northern Colorado, as we take the Torah out of the showcase and make it part of our lives - today!